Hybrid Quantum

Our Hybrid Quantum Platform

CogniFrame Operating Environment helps solve intractable and computationally intensive non-convex and stochastic optimization as well as simulation type problems. Multiple use-cases are supported for a number of leading organizations and our solutions set include Pure Quantum, Quantum inspired, and Hybrid Quantum based approaches. We can handle a number of problems at commercial scale.

Standard Classical Optimization algorithms take too long even to find good solutions. Multi-period optimization problems are NP-Hard. Quantum Computing has demonstrated advantages over classical methods. In fact, all classical risk problems can also be solved using Quantum once economic viability of pure quantum is established. Quantum represents the future direction.

We leverage the power of the most powerful Quantum hardware available today. Our focus is on threshold optimization to solve problems that are NP Hard and solving Simulation problems using a Simulated Quantum Approach.

Our Solutions